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Secure Electronics Recycling

Recycling of electronics and IT equipment is an essential part of a company’s waste management strategy. If you are looking for a safe and secure way of electronics recycling, then you should consider our proven services. We specialize in ethical disposal and reprocessing of used and obsolete electronics and computer equipment. We can help accomplish legal and conservation goals as a responsible organization.

Recycling Services

KruseCom operates under a global Joint Venture agreement with multiple downstream de-manufacturing and recycling vendors. All companies have a significant footprint both domestically and internationally in electronics recovery/recycling and have demonstrated a leading skill-set in managing electronic waste.
KruseCom, Inc. and its partners maintain strict safety programs, and high operating standards. They ensure that electronics are handled in a manner that protects human health and is safe for the environment. Additionally in following ISO registered procedures and police of Zero Export and Zero Landfill all materials sent are recycled through state of the art shredding and separation systems. These unique systems completely destroy and segregate product back into raw materials (e.g. metals, plastics, glass, etc.). All material that is processed by our partners are sold to secondary or commodity markets. Precious metals are forwarded to a number of primary refiners for final consumption. Base metals, ferrous, nonferrous, glass, and other recoverable material are sold locally.

We recylce all retired, surplus; servers, networking gear, hard drives, memory, storage arrays, laptops, desktops, monitors and more.