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Data Center Decommissioning and Project Management

KruseCom assists data centers in decommissioning and disposing of electronic equipment, cooling systems, and infrastructure. Our teams of technicians have extensive knowledge of the precautions, governmental regulations, and disposal methods associated with this unique industry.

Decommissioning Services Include:

  • Generator and UPS Purchase
  • Shut Down and Removal
  • UPS Battery Removal and Recycling
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Including Freon, Glycol and Diesel
  • Electrical Switchgear, Panelboard, and Breaker Safe-Off, Disconnection and Removal.
  • Removal of Raised Flooring
  • Removal of CRAC Units, PD’s, Netowrk and Fiber Cable, and Server Racks
  • Equipment Appraisal and Reselling
  • Demo Walls, Ceiling and Anything Else to Satisfy Landlord Requirements
  • Facility Cleanup

The first priority throughout any data center decommissioning project is the security of proprietary information and data. Our technicians workers best practices for protecting information and destroying hardware when necessary.

The dismantling and removal of power generators, chillers, high-voltage electrical equipment, and other large items can create serious safety hazards if handled incorrectly. During every decommissioning job, our team goes above and beyond to minimize risk and keep the environment safe.

Our data center decommissioning process is extremely detailed, clear, and structured. It is designed to address every possible consideration before work begins, minimizing the risk of surprises along the way and giving the client the full picture of what our team is doing at any given moment.

Data Center Decommissioning Process

  • Perform a site visit with the owner or representative to determine the needs for decommission. We make a detailed list and value assessment of all items with resale value, scrap items, items that will be removed with no value, and structural areas to be removed or demolished.
  • Write a detailed scope of work that entails all processes to be performed, stages of removal, safety procedures, insurance certificates, and dollar amounts to be paid to the owner for valuable equipment and/or costs to perform decommission if costs outweigh the value of assets.
  • Scope of work is sent to the owner or representative for adjustments or approval.
  • Start date and end date of project are scheduled and confirmed by both parties; final contract is created and signed by both parties.
  • After decommissioning is complete, final site visit is performed by owner or representative with KruseCom’s agents to assure that all the requirements in the contract were met.

To learn more about our data center decommissioning services and processes, please reach out to us