Data Center Decommissioning, Targeted Demolition, & Asset recovery

KruseCom assists data centers in decommissioning and recovery of information technology and electrical infrastructure including generators, batteries, server racks, switchgear, ups equipment, raised flooring, wires, transformers, fire suppression, automatic transfer switches, CRAC units and PDUs, among other assets. Our team of technicians have extensive knowledge of the precautions, governmental regulations, and disposal methods associated with this unique industry.

We make data center and facility decommissioning easy so you can focus on what’s next. If you’re upgrading, moving to the cloud, or just need to get rid of retired assets, KruseCom can help you with complete data center and facility decommissioning, targeted demolition, and asset recovery. 

Decommissioning Services Include:

Benefits of Our Services

The first priority throughout any data center decommissioning project is the security of proprietary information and data. All equipment removal is done in house, which translates to a faster timeline, a reliable staff, and the peace of mind that each and every person on-site has years of experience in this highly skilled trade. 

The dismantling and removal of power generators, chillers, high-voltage electrical equipment, and other large items can create serious safety hazards if handled incorrectly. During every decommissioning job, our team goes above and beyond to minimize risk and keep the environment safe.

Our data center decommissioning process is extremely detailed, clear, and structured. It is designed to address every possible consideration before work begins, minimizing the risk of surprises along the way and giving the client the full picture of what our team is doing at any given moment.

KRUSecom Decommissioning Process

  • Discuss: Initial dialogue to understand the customers’ needs and including a general outline of the scope of work needed to be performed. 
  • Site Visit: KruseCom will send a representative to the projects location where they will walk the site, take inventory, and begin outlining a full scope of work needed to be performed.
  • Quote/Offer: KruseCom will provide and submit a detailed proposal including and pricing and timeline of services to be carried out. Once a signed proposal is received the first installment will be sent.
  • Mobilize: Once a start date has been confirmed, KruseCom will acquire all necessary permits, cranes, rigging, machinery, and all logistical elements needed to complete the project in a timely manner. 
  • Asset Removal and Demolition: Upon breaking ground, all assets will be decommissioned, removed from the site, bringing it back to its original state. Our goal is to move swiftly and minimize any invasiveness to the surrounding area.
  • Final Clean-Up & Walk-Through: When all assets are packed and removed from the site all designated rooms will be fully recovered back to their original state and a KruseCom representative will conduct a final walk-through to ensure the entire scope of work has been completed.