KruseCom Provides Customer Configured Solutions

A national insurance conglomerate was faced with a paradox during the 2009 financial crisis. They needed to upgrade their field computers, but the budget was just not there to buy New machines. Used machines didn’t work either because their application deployment plan required a level of specifications and capabilities that older machines couldn’t handle.

After consultation, KruseCom identified the root of the problem, and hence, the solution. Off-lease computers (typically 3 years old) would fit within their budgetary constraints. But the minimum chipset the company desired was not yet 3 years old. There were no off-lease computers available that would surpass their minimum chip requirement.

A custom solution was the answer. KruseCom scoured the surplus market to collect enough 3 year old off-lease computers to fulfill the project. We then bought 1 year old processors. Our factory technicians swapped out the 3 year old processors with the newer processors, making the older machines as capable as new units. The 3 year old chips that were pulled from the original machines were then sold into the parts market to offset the cost of the project and reduce the total outlay.

KruseCom Provides Custom Configured Refurbished Computers


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