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KruseCom Announces $5,000,000 I.T. Buy-Back Program for September

Qualified IT assets include server, storage, networking, and laptop equipment from Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, Hitachi, and IBM. Call 561-602-2098 to learn more.

Marc Sherman, President of KruseCom, commented, “We’re advising KruseCom clients and other corporations to stay ahead of the supply/demand curve regarding disposition of surplus IT assets. The great recession has created an imbalance in the I.T. universe. While Intel reported record profits for Q2, 2010, large segments of the business community struggle to survive. This dichotomy of financial outlooks creates uncertainty that has derailed the normal I.T. refresh cycle. For companies that don’t have the budget for new computers, used and refurbished machines are a great option. For companies that have downsized, remarketing of surplus I.T. equipment can provide sorely needed capital. Whether a company is on the upswing, or is still struggling to get back in the green, KruseCom’s $5,000,000 I.T. Buy-Back Program creates a secondary market that can help them achieve their goals.”

Mr. Sherman concluded, “The need for protecting confidential information stored on computers is in no way diminished, and completion of KruseCom’s data eradication process is a pre-condition for acceptance into the buy-back program. KruseCom’s rigorous standards regarding secure data eradication, certification, and indemnification will apply to all assets accepted into the buy-back program.”

KruseCom buys IBM Products

KruseCom wants to buy your surplus IBM equipment. We buy all types of IBM machines including zSeries, pSeries, xSeries, iSeries, AIX and UNIX. We are interested in mainframes, mid-range servers, laptops, desktops, and storage arrays. We also buy Lenovo laptops.

Don’t forget our other favorites. We buy all brands. We will happily buy your Dell and HP computers too.

Wanted – 1,000 Laptops – Finders Fee up to $10,000

KruseCom seeks to buy 1,000 laptops. We seek large quantities of single model laptops. Do you have access to lots of surplus computers? Do you know someone who has access to lots of surplus computers? Your knowledge can be valuable to you personally. KruseCom pays finder’s fees for referrals to equipment sources that lead to closed transactions. And this is not just about laptops. We want to buy large quantities of desktops, LCD panels, 1U servers, 2U servers, network gear, towers, and storage arrays. Contact us and make the introduction that can make you real money.

KruseCom is buying Memory

Have you recently upgraded your company’s memory? Do you have memory sticks sitting idle on shelves or in drawers? Turn that memory into capital. Throw it into a box, and ship it to KruseCom at 34 Industrial Way East, Suite 2, Eatontown, NJ 07724. Upon receipt, we’ll put your surplus memory into the KruseCom Sort & Settle Program. We’ll test the memory, sell it in the secondary market, and send you a check for 50% of the proceeds. It couldn’t be easier.

KruseCom is buying Sharks

Specifically, we are buying IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Servers Model 2105-800, more commonly called Sharks. But that’s not all. We’re buying all types of storage including EMC, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp and StorageTek. Give us a call. We’ll send a crew to your location to pull these heavy units out, and we’ll pay you for the priviledge.

KruseCom is buying Blade Servers and Blade Enclosures

We seek IBM, HP, Appro, or any other generic servers or 1U Blades. Do you have surplus Blades? KruseCom is buying. Contact us today.

Free Onsite Data Destruction

How do you handle hard drive destruction or data destruction today? Are you paying someone to destroy hard drives? Are you investing staff time and resources?

KruseCom provides FREE Hard Drive Destruction for qualified corporate customers. Contact us to find out about our FREE Hard Drive Destruction program.

KruseCom is buying EMC arrays

What are you going to do with that 1,000 pound frame now that it has been taken out of service? Sell it to KruseCom. We’ll send a crew to your location to haul it out, and we’ll put it back into the secondary market. You’ll get rid of a heavy problem, and you’ll get a check in the mail. Call 561-602-2098 to schedule a pickup.

KruseCom is buying Networking Gear

KruseCom makes a market in network gear. We buy and sell products from Cisco, Extreme, Brocade, Avocent, Juniper, HP, and more.

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