Free Audit and Erasure Services

Audit ServicesKruseCom’s Free Audit and Erasure Services for Leasing Companies Maximize Your Capital Return

KruseCom works with some of the leading equipment leasing firms in the nation. Use KruseCom’s. The Audit Depot for Leasing Companies provides End-Of-Lease services that can increase your margin. We don’t want to displace your staff. We want to work with you to maximize returns.


KruseCom’s automated Audit software spins hard drives and records an accurate inventory list of a computer’s system configuration. Having accurate information gives you certainty in pricing, and the ability to demand accurate market value for your surplus IT assets.


KruseCom’s automated Erasure software provides DOD or better data destruction. The program creates a Certificate of Erasure only if the erasure process is completed successfully. Drives that fail Erasure are pulled and physically destroyed.


KruseCom helps you obtain maximum capital value. Continue to attempt to sell your end-of-lease assets the way you do today. At the same time, we will market the equipment that we audit. Whether the higher price comes from your sales channels, or from KruseCom’s sales channels, you get to take the higher number.

Online Reporting

Online Reporting provides the data you need for Financial decisions, Asset tracking, and Regulatory Compliance. View the reports online, or download the raw data to import into your systems or generate custom reports. Documentation of asset disposition eliminates the threat of regulatory sanctions and e-waste penalties.

Contact us today to find out how the program works. Call 561-629-5713.

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