donateThe KruseControl Donation Management Program for Giving To 501(c) Charities. Donate to the charity of your choice.

Let KruseCom Facilitate Your Company’s IT Asset Donations to 501(c) Charities

Giving surplus IT assets to 501(c) charities can be a good way to take tax deductions on corporate earnings. But charities don’t really want old computers. They want cash.

KruseContribute facilitates the donation of used IT equipment to 501(c) charities. KruseCom liquidates surplus IT assets, donor companies get the write-offs, and the charities get the revenue.

KruseContribute provides companies with a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for the donation of surplus IT assets.


Your company’s only responsibility in the KruseContribute program is to gather the material for pickup. KruseCom will arrange the freight, and take it from there.


Once the shipment arrives at the KruseCom’s Bulk Shipment Facility, our crew will sort the gear to find out what we have.


Each asset is recorded by brand, make, model, and asset tag so that we can determine the accurate specifications of what we will be placing in the market for sale.


The compiled results of the audit work becomes an inventory list for our brokers, and for your accounting reports.


If a little cleaning will improve the recovery of your asset capital, our crew knows how to make used equipment look its best.


KruseCom auditors de-tag each piece of equipment, removing your asset tags, company identifiers, or logos.


KruseCom destroys data. If your assets contain data, we can eliminate the data, and provide certification of data destruction for accounting and regulatory compliance.


Our engineers will determine if refurbishment would increase the value of your surplus gear. If minor changes will create more value than the input costs, we refurbish the assets before sale. For example, we might add memory, add hard drives, upgrade chips, or repaint laptops.


KruseCom is constantly marketing; telling the world that we Buy, Sell, and Maintain Enterprise IT. The result of all that marketing is that we have built an audience, and have created a central marketplace for the buying and selling of surplus IT equipment. KruseControl gives you access to our marketplace and our customers.


In addition to general marketing, we advertise certain assets when appropriate. If we take possession of a large lot of uniform equipment, we will frequently advertise those products in third-party marketplaces and via internet advertising channels.


We sell surplus IT assets. KruseCom maintains six outbound sales channels. Our triage team determines the ideal sales channel for each particular asset, and we go for top dollar. Our objective is to capture maximum Fair Market Value. We sell to end-user companies, consumers, and brokers. We sell on our website, on commercial third party websites, and we are a Top Rated Seller on eBay with a 100% positive rating. Our expertise in selling used equipment provides you with the best possible recovery of your capital assets.


KruseControl customers receive a username and password to access our Online Reporting Portal. There you can find the disposition reports of your surplus assets as well as your certificates of erasure or certificates of destruction for regulatory compliance.


The net revenues from the sale of surplus assets goes to the charity of your choice. 60 days after receipt at our warehouse, we send your charity the proceeds, and report the net donation to your accounting department.

It Really Couldn’t Be Easier

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