Remarketing and Revenue Sharing

Remarketing and Revenue Sharing
Does your Data Security & Regulatory Compliance Program Also Ensure That you are Not Shredding Capital?

The best practice in data security & regulatory compliance ensures that your company’s valuable data is completely protected while at the same time ensures that the maximum value is received for all technology assets.

Best practices ensure that value is received immediately and there is no further depreciation of asset value. In short the best practice in data security & regulatory compliance ensures that 100% Security, Compliance and Profitability are all compatible.

KruseCom’s Industry Leading Re-Marketing Program

  • A complete trading team dedicated solely to re-marketing & trading technology assets
  • A trading team that directly re-markets technology for the leading industry OEMs
  • A monthly technology Fair Market Value summary
  • A trading team with between 20+ years of re-marketing experience per member
  • A program that achieves a re-marketing rate of almost 98% of the equipment it processes, which minimizes disposal costs and EPA exposure
  • A program which re-markets technology assets both domestically & internationally to ensure maximum value is delivered

KruseCom’s Re-Marketing Program Features

  • Re-marketing revenue shared directly with client
  • No consignment model. No storage Fees. No extended invoice reconciliations
  • Fair Market Value of technology assets applied immediately after a thorough audit that may be viewed by the client in real time, on-line
  • Re-marketing value is maximized as technology assets are sold as whole systems or parted down to guarantee highest total value
  • Flexible Re-marketing Beneficiary program allows employee purchases, or allows the client, its selected charitable organization, or even its OEM vendor of choice to receive the full client re-marketing value.
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