KruseCom’s Global Solutions

KruseCom's Global SolutionsBest Practices in Data Security & Regulatory Compliance

The best practice in data security and regulatory compliance eliminates all risks of even a single data breach, anywhere in the world from any of your company’s facilities.

Provided at Your Company’s Facilities Anywhere in the World

Eliminating any risk of even a single data breach that arises within your company’s facilities anywhere in the world is why KruseCom provides its entire suite of data security & regulatory compliance services onsite of your company’s facilities world-wide.

KruseCom’s Global Solutions

KruseCom ensures 100% data security & regulatory compliance by providing its full suite of services either directly at your company’s facilities anywhere in the world or off-site in utilizing its own automated software and processes through a number of global reciprocal partnerships in more than 60 countries world-wide. Our current global data security solutions include:

  • Transportable Suitcase Server Solution
  • Web-Based, Disk Drive Erasure Solution
  • Global Reciprocal Partnership Solution

Provided with our Global Solutions

  • Auditing & De-Tagging
  • Data Destruction Services to DoD Specifications
  • Hard Drive & Tape Degaussing & Shredding to NSA Specifications
  • Remarketing of IT Equipment to Maximize Clients’ Recovery Value
  • Secure & EPA-Compliant Disposal
  • Regulatory Compliance Indemnification
  • 24/7 Reporting on-location
  • Leased Asset Management Program
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