KruseCom’s Cost Difference

The KruseCom Cost Difference

A Better Price -No Sacrifice to Service

KruseCom simply doesn’t have the overhead that the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) We don’t spend the same kind of money on marketing and we don’t invest millions of dollars in developing new products that may or may not meet the needs of the marketplace. Even more, we’ve stayed lean enough to prevent the costs associated with having multiple levels of communication to accomplish the simplest objectives. The end result – our low overhead keeps our maintenance pricing extremely competitive.

We carry a tremendous inventory of whole systems, break/fix parts, upgrades, features and add-ons. Due to our worldwide reputation as an alternative to the manufacturer, we are able to regularly buy this hardware at a low cost from locations throughout the world. When we buy hardware at a lower cost, we are then able to sell it to you at a lower cost than the manufacturer. Of course, we fully test and configure each whole system or part, and make sure they are in excellent working condition.

When you call KruseCom for an estimate on your hardware maintenance requirements, you’ll see a proposal from us that allows you to calculate a significant percentage less than what you’ve been paying the manufacturer. We usually are about 50 percent less than what they have been charging you.

A proposal from KruseCom gives you an incredible amount of leverage with the OEM. Placing an order with us from time to time gives you even greater leverage. This leverage can save you important budget dollars for new products that KruseCom is unable to offer, or help you negotiate for other services when you have had little leverage in the past. Having KruseCom as an ally in your poker game gives you access to a better handful of cards.

As many of our clients have gotten to know and trust us, they have turned over a greater volume of products for us to maintain after the service contracts end. In addition, they have also given us a greater number of platforms to maintain. When you add to our volume of products to maintain or add platforms, KruseCom is able to save you even more money.

In addition, when you are able to bundle our maintenance with hardware purchases from KruseCom, you’ll see even greater savings. It’s easy to see the difference in cost when you choose KruseCom to help you with your data center hardware and maintenance decisions. We’re always committed to helping you do more for less.

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