KruseCom’s Competitive Advantage

The KruseCom Competitive AdvantagePremiere Service & Support At a Better Price

We’re continually focused on offering a service program that is responsive and easy to use. We know that this is one of the biggest complaints that data center professionals have about the manufacturer. So, we focus on giving you a different experience – one that both meets and exceeds your expectations in this area.

When you work with KruseCom, you have access to our global pricing knowledge on both maintenance and hardware. Our hardware team buys equipment from all over the world and has access to current pricing for all types of hardware and maintenance programs offered by the manufacturer or third-party maintainers. Our relationships around the world allow us to help you with information that you otherwise would not have easy access to. We believe that by sharing this knowledge with you, we empower our clients to have even greater choices than they realized were possible. In a “do more, for less” environment, we want you to be empowered to have choices other than what the manufacturer is willing to offer

Whether whole machines or back-up parts, features (channels, OSAs and ICBs), memory, upgrades or add-ons, we are able to offer you fair market value pricing on these items. When you have access to our pricing, the manufacturers’ claims about fair market value no longer carry the impact they once had.

Our industry-leading engineering team, our salespeople and our hardware buyers continually educate themselves on the latest trends and best practices used by data center professionals around the world. Whether by geography or by industry, we stay aware of how best to get the job done for less money. Having access to this sort of information helps us to help you. When trends change, you can be sure we’re going to call you to help you implement what is logical and going to help you run your data center.

Have you ever noticed how the manufacturer will often create a “planned obsolescence” to get you to upgrade to new hardware and/or a longer contract? With KruseCom at your side as an alternative, those instances of “planned obsolescence” are not as powerful as they once were. You can have continued access to back-up parts, support and service that the manufacturer is no longer willing to provide. We believe you should be empowered to make those upgrades when it’s right for your data center, not when the manufacturer dictates it.

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