Empowering Our Clients

Empowering Our ClientsPremiere Service & Support – At a Better Price

KruseCom gives the data center professional a choice. All too often, the manufacturer dictates what you must do and when and at great expense to you and your data center. They also can dictate from whom you must buy your equipment and service. We don’t feel that is right or fair and so we created an alternative to empower you with the leverage needed to control your own destiny.

With the pricing and information available to you when you choose KruseCom, we’re proud to help you beat the manufacturer’s game and keep more of your budget for items that you deem necessary.

When you buy new hardware, the manufacturer will attempt to offer an extended warranty and the discounts generally aren’t as good as they once were. If you choose the shortest warranty term, you are leaving your options open to create leverage on your maintenance pricing once the warranty expires. You’ll be able to include KruseCom in the bidding process and significantly reduce your monthly cost to maintain that equipment.

The manufacturer’s “planned obsolescence” can easily be beaten by our maintenance pricing and the pricing of our whole systems, parts, features, upgrades and add-ons. By empowering you to beat the manufacturer with our pricing and our service, we give you control over your budgets and over your future planning. You get to decide when newer technology is necessary to your operation.

We continually provide information that helps you create leverage and save money. Even if you really need the latest hardware technology, by including KruseCom and considering a previous generation, you’ll be able to leverage a better price for the new equipment and its warranty. We actually help you play their game by giving you leverage.

Since our maintenance program is able to support multiple platforms, we are able to provide you leverage with multiple hardware manufacturers. More importantly, you can get the pricing and service you’ve always wanted without having to rely on multiple manufacturers. Fewer vendors can mean fewer headaches – if the ones you rely on are committed to premiere service, fair pricing and integrity.

When you are considering your needs for installation planning (including systems assurance), new hardware purchases, technology refreshes, capacity upgrades or the need for specialty engines, call KruseCom. We’ll give you the information that creates the leverage you need to get better pricing.
In an information age, we believe that information empowers you to make choices that allow you to “do more, for less.” As a client of KruseCom, you’ll always have access to our global pricing knowledge and the trends awareness to make the choices you have always wished you could make.

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