EMC Maintenance

EMC Clariion

KruseCom enables customers to maintain EMC equipment at rates far lower than OEMs charge. Has an OEM ever tried to manipulate you into buying unneeded new equipment instead of maintaining the perfectly serviceable equipment you already have in production? Quality equipment properly maintained can serve your organization far beyond the OEM warranty period, and at a far lower cost than buying new equipment or OEM maintenance. Save time and money by letting KruseCom maintain your EMC gear.


In the past, OEMs held their customers captive with their branded diagnostic tools. No more! Proprietary software has now been developed which enables the maintenance and support of EMC storage without infringement of EMC’s microcode licensing or copyright laws. This software, loaded on the Service Processor, performs the same functions as EMC’s SYMMWIN software, and will function with or without SYMMWIN present on the Service Processor.


KruseCom’s solution contains a fully automated fault analysis and “Call-Home” function that executes a preemptive and proactive service strategy. When a new event occurs, it is first filtered to eliminate erroneous logging and then sent with the associated logs to the Host Support System. Most problems are identified, diagnosed, and repaired without any impact or degradation to your operations. Because of the critical nature of this connection, a regular “Heartbeat” is monitored to ensure the integrity of our remote support.


A set of comprehensive utilities are built into KruseCom’s solution that are designed to give you Maximum availability.
Memory Scrubbing is an automated utility that ensures single bit errors are always corrected.
Dynamic Sparing In the event of a disk failure, will allow the new spare to be reconfigured back into the drive pool.
Inline Diagnostic Utilities are available to our service personnel to further diagnose problems and fully test your disk subsystem.


With KruseCom, you are supported by a technical support second to none. The average experience level of our support engineers is 15 years, and they are further supported by sophisticated tools and comprehensive databases.

KruseCom’s solution combines software present on the Service Processor with a Host component that compliments all of the functions performed on the device. Detailed error analysis and sense byte deciphering is performed every time a machine calls home.

Our support staff also has access to a comprehensive knowledge base that not only maintains historical data of all failures, but also produces a detailed “Action Plan” for onsite technicians or support staff to follow.


One of the features of high availability storage products is the ability to replace failed components without interrupting your operations. KruseCom engineers can replace all major components in a fully concurrent manner (Hot Swap); including concurrently loading BIN files onto the system.


KruseCom’s solution has a built in BIN File configuration utility available to our support staff and a Bin File Load utility on the Service Processor. We recognize that you may need to change your configuration from time to time, but we don’t think you should have to pay for it every time! KruseCom provides one BIN File change, per subsystem, per year, free with a maintenance service contract. Additional BIN File changes may be purchased from KruseCom for considerably less than the OEM.

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