Onsite Data Erasure

Early in the data security business, KruseCom’s parent company recognized the danger of data security breach due to the physical loss of equipment during shipment. If a machine is physically lost, its data is also lost.

Our IT staff combined proprietary overwrite software with custom built hardware configurations to create what ultimately became known as the Suitcase Server. With a Suitcase Server, KruseCom’s field engineers can provide data destruction services anywhere in the world where there is a road or an airport. If the customer can provide workspace and electricity, we can provide onsite data destruction.

Others were not so quick to perfect the onsite data destruction model. In the leasing business, the lessee is typically responsible for arranging shipment of their leased equipment back to the lessor at the lease end.

One particular interaction created a new business operation for KruseCom’s parent company. The story involves a large New York based bank that was in the habit of leasing servers from a major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Each three years, the bank would return old servers to the OEM, and the OEM would deliver new servers on a new lease. But that changed in 2004.

The bank contacted the OEM and informed them that the OEM would need to provide certification of data destruction. The OEM agreed, stating that they would erase the machines upon return. “No”, the bank replied, “you don’t understand. We have a new security policy. No equipment leaves our property until the data is destroyed onsite.”

The OEM replied, “That’s not our responsibility. It is not written into the lease. We’ll destroy the data as a courtesy once you return the equipment to us, but we can’t come to your location.”

“No”, the bank replied, “you don’t understand. If you can’t erase this data at our location, there will be no lease, and we are no longer doing business with you.”

Scrambling, the OEM researched the market and discovered that KruseCom’s parent company had already developed the expertise to provide mass onsite data destruction via our Suitcase Servers and traveling field engineers. The OEM engaged our company to provide the onsite data destruction, and a new partnership was born.

The OEM’s leasing division formed an agreement with our company to provide a “plain brown wrapper” service. The OEM sold our onsite erasure services to their clients as their offering, and then outsourced the work to us working under their brand.

The combination of our company’s offering with the OEM’s large installed base made KruseCom’s parent the early leader and dominant provider in this new industry of onsite data destruction.


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