KruseCom Works WorldwideWe received a call from a Nuclear Power Plant in the northern US. “Can you come visit us next week?”

KruseCom representatives typically don’t need to travel to arrange a surplus IT pickup, but this client seemed anxious. We sent a representative to the location to see what was going on. The plant employed a lot of computers, and their standard refresh schedule generated a regular supply of surplus Information Technology equipment.After getting to know the customer, he finally opened up and told us the real problem that was causing his sense of urgency.

“I have four tractor-trailers full of surplus information technology equipment sitting in the parking lot. It’s just sitting there depreciating.”

The problem, it turns out, was that his plant, and a few others in the region, had been acquired by a power company whose corporate headquarters was far across the country. The parent company had a surplus computer program in place with a disposal company located in the same town as the parent company. But that regional disposal company really couldn’t serve the other side of the country.

“Our stuff is piling up because it’s just not convenient for that company to travel this far. We need a company with a national footprint, and I have finally raised enough ruckus that corporate has given me permission to search for a provider that has a national footprint. KruseCom fits the bill.”

KruseCom Provides Data Destruction Anywhere There is a Road or an Airport, and we Collect Equipment Across the 48 Continental United States

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