KruseCom Staff Embedded at Your Site

After researching their options, a Chicago bank decided to outsource their data security program to KruseCom’s parent company. Even though there was enough work to employ a couple of staffers full-time, the bank wanted to outsource the work and offset the liability of preventing data breach. So, sending the job to KruseCom was a great option.

There was one problem, however. The bank wanted the data destruction done at their location. No data was to leave the bank’s facility. How could KruseCom dedicate two employees to the project, without taking the machines from the building?

Solution: Instead of bringing the machines to KruseCom, we decided to bring KruseCom to the bank. KruseCom cooperated with the bank to hire two field engineers whom the bank liked and trusted. Full-time KruseCom employees, these engineers reported to work every day at the bank. They were embedded in the bank as representatives of KruseCom’s data security team.

KruseCom delivers onsite data eradication.

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