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KruseCom Purchases Surplus Desktop Computers From A Logistics Carrier

PALM BEACH, FL-March 22, 2011-KruseCom, LLC, the company that Buys, Sells, and Maintains Enterprise IT, today agreed to purchase surplus desktop computers from a Logistics Carrier. While value is important, security is paramount.

Court Alton, Business Development Manager of KruseCom, explained, “Data Security, rather than asset recovery, was the driving force behind this transaction. The market for used desktop computers is very soft right now from an historical perspective, and we are not paying this customer very much for this lot of equipment. However, as long as we can keep each transaction cash-flow neutral or positive, it makes the customer’s decision pretty easy. Proper data security involves real costs related to equipment, time, labor, and insurance. We are sending the customer a very small check for the value of the equipment (after shipping and fees), but the customer is happy. To quote the customer directly, he said, ‘Since you can give certificates that machines are wiped let’s do it!!’ KruseCom will earn our revenue on the services part of the job, the customer will get a little money in return, but most importantly, they will get secure data destruction with documented certification and indemnification from liability. That is worth far more than the revenue we will return to them.”

About KruseCom
KruseCom Buys, Sells, and Maintains Enterprise I.T. KruseCom’s portfolio of products and services is designed to help corporations and government organizations to better manage their Surplus Information Technology Assets. KruseCom customers benefit by reducing their maintenance expenses, building best practices for data security, and assuring regulatory compliance. Addressing the entire range of IT platforms – from mainframes, midrange servers and PCs, to network infrastructure and enterprise storage hardware, the services offered by KruseCom are designed to reduce total cost of ownership for IT assets and maximize the clients’ return on their IT investments.

For enterprise class hardware in data centers, KruseCom offers hardware maintenance services, refurbished whole systems, parts, features, upgrades, and add-ons. Additionally, for desktop IT assets, servers, and SAN products, KruseCom offers a range of end-of-life services that include: automated asset auditing, Department of Defense (DOD) level data destruction, documentation for regulatory compliance, hardware refurbishment, worldwide remarketing, and proper IT asset recycling.

Given the sensitive nature of the company’s client relationships, it does not provide the names of its clients. Additional information about the company is available at

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