KruseCom Erases Copiers

A Fortune 500 manufacturer found itself embroiled in an epic legal battle. In-house counsel called in the country’s best litigators, and they established a war room on the 48th & 49th floors of headquarters. The case involved thousands of documents as evidence. Ultimately, they prevailed, winning the case.

As the outside counsel was preparing to leave the scene and move on to the next battle, they reminded in-house counsel to have the copier’s hard drives erased.

“What?! Copiers have hard drives?”

Yes, good ones do. Furthermore, these machines were leased. The drives couldn’t just be destroyed without violating the lease. The machines were required to be returned intact.

That is when they turned to KruseCom for secure, certified hard drive erasure with indemnification. The manufacturer invited our field engineers to travel to their location with our Suitcase Servers for a demonstration project. Our engineers performed erasures on three sample copiers. The Information Technology staff of the manufacturer then removed the hard drives from the machines and submitted them to IT experts for forensic examination. After taking a break for lunch, the KruseCom engineers returned to headquarters for the verdict. The drives were clean. No data was found, and the project was approved.

What else do you have that contains dormant data?

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