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KruseCom Adds Significant New Customers to Client List

PALM BEACH, FL-April 21, 2011-KruseCom, LLC, the company that Buys, Sells, and Maintains Enterprise IT, continues to add large public and private company customers to its existing client portfolio. KruseCom’s Business Development staff is enjoying frequent successes in new customer acquisitions, and is building the company’s prospects for future recurring revenues.

Automotive Industry Supplier

Court Alton, Business Development Manager for KruseCom commented, “We recently enrolled an automotive parts manufacturer into our KruseControl Program. We are honored to team up with this Fortune 500 company. Once these surplus IT assets are fully depreciated and out of use, many companies just need them out of the way. It’s not worth their time and labor to sort and inventory random surplus gear. KruseCom does the work for them. With KruseControl, all the customer has to do is gather the gear for shipping. Once it arrives at the KruseCom facility, our crew will sort, audit, inventory, clean, refurbish, market, advertise, and sell the assets. We then provide the customer with an online reporting portal, and send them a check for the residual value. It really couldn’t be easier.”

Leasing Companies

Hank Laws, Vice President of Business Development for KruseCom, explained, “We recently conducted some nice sized transactions with a couple of leasing companies. From one, we bought a large lot of loose hard drives. We test and erase these drives, and then sell them into the parts market. From the other leasing company, we bought a large amount of RAM memory. We sell both Original Equipment Manufacturer produced memory, and also 100% certified compatible generic memory for less. There is always a market for these surplus memory sticks. These are great items to add to our inventory for remarketing.”

Leading International Hotel Chain

Charles Miller, Business Development Manager for KruseCom reported, “We are pleased to enter this partnership with one of the world’s leading hotel organizations. Having recently implemented an equipment upgrade, this customer found itself with surplus RAMSAN SSD Storage devices. This equipment still has strong market value.  Too often, surplus devices get permanently stored in closets or warehouses. By putting these units into the secondary market, we were able to help this customer recover his capital.”

Historic Private College

Adrian Prosser, Business Development Manager for KruseCom, commented, “KruseCom continues its momentum with the addition of this respected private college. We are pleased with this development, and appreciate the opportunity to serve this academic institution. The cost of education continues to soar, and our ability to recover surplus asset value is one way to resist that trend. In this case, we were able to remarket more than 500 laptops for the school. We appreciate the trust this college places in KruseCom, and we are happy that we can make this positive contribution to the education of our citizenry.”

Financial Services Technology Services Firm

Steven Menzel, Business Development Manager for KruseCom, reported, “We are pleased to begin this new business relationship with another quality customer. This company provides new technology solutions to brokerage and insurance firms. We bought some used equipment that their customers no longer need. Our mission is to make this an easy and profitable transaction for the customer so that we see future repeat business. Once we get a rhythm established with a customer, we typically transition the relationship from transactional to contractual. We establish for the customer a standard operating procedure regarding surplus IT gear.”

Privately Held Energy and Commodity Conglomerate

Carl Scheffler, Business Development Manager for KruseCom, explained, “We recently enrolled one of the world’s largest privately held companies into the KruseControl program. Despite the massive size of this customer’s data facilities, they had run out of space to store their surplus IT gear. They actually rent multiple commercial storage spaces, and suffer recurring monthly expenses while these assets depreciate. With KruseControl, all the customer had to do was arrange for KruseCom to have access to the storage facilities. We packed, palletized, wrapped, and shipped the gear to our bulk shipment facility in Eatontown, NJ. Once it arrived at the KruseCom facility, our crew sorted, audited, inventoried, cleaned, refurbished, marketed, advertised, and sold the assets. We then provided the customer with an online reporting portal, and sent them a check for the residual value. They received money from KruseControl rather than paying rent to the storage landlord.”

About KruseCom

KruseCom Buys, Sells, and Maintains Enterprise I.T. KruseCom’s portfolio of products and services is designed to help corporations and government organizations to better manage their Surplus Information Technology Assets. KruseCom customers benefit by reducing their maintenance expenses, building best practices for data security, and assuring regulatory compliance. Addressing the entire range of IT platforms – from mainframes, midrange servers and PCs, to network infrastructure and enterprise storage hardware, the services offered by KruseCom are designed to reduce total cost of ownership for IT assets and maximize the clients’ return on their IT investments.

For enterprise class hardware in data centers, KruseCom offers hardware maintenance services, refurbished whole systems, parts, features, upgrades, and add-ons. Additionally, for desktop IT assets, servers, and SAN products, KruseCom offers a range of end-of-life services that include: automated asset auditing, Department of Defense (DOD) level data destruction, documentation for regulatory compliance, hardware refurbishment, worldwide remarketing, and proper IT asset recycling.

Given the sensitive nature of the company’s client relationships, it does not provide the names of its clients. Additional information about the company is available at

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