Refurbished Computers

Dell Latitude D820Do you need a great Desktop or Laptop computer? Do you want to enjoy the freedom and power of owning a Great Laptop that allows you to work and play where and when you want to? Would you like to employ the same technology that major powers Fortune 1000 companies?

What is a Refurbished Computer?

Buying a Refurbished Laptop or Refurbished Desktop is a great way to get what you want, and get it at the right price. Fortune 1000 companies typically lease brand new cutting-edge computers from the Leasing Divisions (in-house finance) of major brands like IBM, Dell, and HP, usually for 24 to 36 months. So what happens when the lease ends? Corporations return these great machines to the OEM’s leasing division. The OEM’s in-house leasing division doesn’t want to sell used computers to end users. They don’t want to engage in activities that might compete with their brand’s efforts to sell new machines. They just want the old machines to go away quickly, so they sell them in bulk for low prices to KruseCom.

HP TC4200Off-Lease Computers

KruseCom loves Off-Lease computers. When originally leased, these were generally the top models on the market at that time. They still have years of productivity. We refurbish these machines. We’ll replace covers, or wrist-rests if necessary. We’ll professionally paint to restore quality appearance if necessary. We even reload these machines with new licensed Microsoft Windows Operating System. Once that’s done, they are ready for You!

Save Money!

But can Refurbished Laptops save money? Well, have you ever heard that a brand new car can depreciate up to 50% in value the moment you drive it off the lot? It’s the same with computers. Big Corporations lease the most expensive models of the best computers in the market each year. 2 or 3 years later, these are still great machines! They just no longer cost a lot of money. You’d be surprised what you can save.

HP Compaq DC7600Warranty

KruseCom is the trusted partner that makes the Cheap Refurbished market work. The major OEMs trust us with their brand reputations when they sell us their Off-Lease equipment. And our current customers trust us to deliver the best possible value in Cheap Refurbished Computers. And if your computer doesn’t work the way it should, we’ll replace it for free under KruseCom’s 3 Month Replacement Warranty. Why don’t you try our product? Visit our online store today.

  • You need a Computer
  • A Refurbished Computer can supply Fortune 1000 Power for you
  • Off-Lease Computers are Great!
  • Think of the Money You’ll Save
  • Our Warranty Protects Your Investment

Give us a try.

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