What type of Hard Disk Drive erasure/destruction do you provide?

The method of data destruction employed on any particular project depends first on the client’s preferences, and then on the type of equipment being processed. If a customer specifies that they want 1x DOD wipe, 3x DOD wipe, degaussing, crushing, shredding, or any other effective data eradication solution, KruseCom will meet that request. If not client-specified, KruseCom will triage the equipment lot, and choose the best solutions that (a) guarantee data security, and (b) maximize asset value recovery. If the memory storage devices are old, small, or slow, we will physically destroy that hardware. If the memory storage devices are newer, and hold market value, we will securely overwrite those devices, provide certification of erasure, and sell the assets in the secondary market to recover asset value.


Will I receive a certificate for each drive, or one that blanket covers the devices?

A certificate of erasure or data destruction identifies the machine erased along with any number of hard drives it contains, by line item. If you prefer to receive a certificate of erasure or data destruction that covers a list or lot of equipment, KruseCom can provide a consolidated statement. In addition, KruseCom data destruction customers receive username/password access to our online reporting portal where they can access their reports and certificates.


When do I receive payment after you take the equipment?

If KruseCom offers you a straight purchase of your equipment, we issue payment Net 1. In other words, we inspect the equipment upon arrival, and issue payment the day after successful inspection. If your company participates in the KruseCom KruseControl Program, we settle the revenue share 60 days after receiving the equipment.


Do you buy telephones? Do you buy large storage devices? Do you buy xxxxxxxxxxx?

Yes. KruseCom buys surplus information technology, electronics, metals, and commodities.


What happens to the equipment after you take ownership?

Everything that KruseCom processes gets sold into a secondary market. Some assets get sold “as-is”. Other assets get refurbished or upgraded. Sometimes, we break existing units down into their component parts, and sell the parts into the replacement part market. If we are left with any residual material after all the useable parts and pieces have been sold, that residual material gets sold into the commodity recycling market.


Does anything go into a landfill?



Do you just pick up in my town, or will you pick up in other states or countries also?

KruseCom operates wherever you operate. We provide onsite data destruction wherever there is a road or an airport, and we buy anything that can be sold.


Can you come to my location and let me know what my equipment is worth?

Yes, but that is rarely appropriate. If you can provide us with an asset list, KruseCom can generate an approximate appraisal. If you join the KruseControl program, we’ll do the inventory work, and report the results to you. If you really want us to come to your location for an appraisal, our minimum fee is $1,000.


Who pays for shipping?

KruseCom arranges the freight and pays for the shipping out of the expected residual value of the recycled assets. If we believe that the value of your surplus equipment will not cover the necessary freight, we will tell you in advance what you should expect to pay for removal and responsible disposal.


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